Dyeing Workshops at Fiber Fusion 2018

Just registered for a couple of all-day workshops at the upcoming Fiber Fusion Northwest this October

  • Transformation – Overdyeing with Judith MacKenzie  
  • How to Dye Your Own Fiber with Allison Harding

Looking forward to the learning from the incomparable Judith MacKenzie.  Also, I met Allison Harding at the Camp Burton retreat for the NwRSA this past spring and was impressed with her fantastic color pairings and vibrant tones.  Looking forward to building my skills to create a beautiful line of hand-dyed fibers for our shop!

Retail space coming soon

We are very pleased to have found a retail space in Edmonds, WA near the waterfront and the ferry terminal.  We have premises… wahooo!  Now only a billion more things to do!
We will being renovating the space very soon and hope to open doors later this summer or by early fall.  More to come soon!!
Please stay tuned for more information.

Natural Fibers Focus

This is the reason why we focus on natural fibers.

A recent study by a UW oceanography student found an average of 1,776 pieces of microplastics per 3-foot-square sample here on our very own Salish Sea beaches.


Our focus is on the use of natural fibers and wool, avoiding synthetics and chemically-treated wool, for both ecological and artisan purposes.  Natural wool fibers are warmer.

For the artisan, we will focus on offering educational and workshop courses on production from sheep to sweater and consumer access to sustainable artisan quality materials that have been locally sourced from sheep farmers, mills, local dyers, and hand-craft producers in the area.

Throw that fleece out and knit yourself a warm and cozy natural sweater instead!